15 Most Expensive Purchases Of Billionaires


Celebrating the parade in honor of the Dallas Mavericks



Everyone likes the parades, primarily because it’s just fun. They are held many throughout North America, including the annual Thanksgiving parade. Also organize and such processions, after which once a year can observe residents of only a few selected cities. They are dedicated solely to the teams that won the championships. The marches are held every year in the city, whose compositions of the HLB, the NHL, the NFL or the NBA won the title.

They are always filled with exciting emotions for athletes, fans and team owners. Billionaire Mark Cuban is one of such owners. When his team Dallas Mavericks won the NBA championship for the first time in 2011, he spent about $ 1.2 million to hold a march in honor of her victory. Costs included champagne for athletes, which cost him $ 90,000, and he paid an additional tip to the staff at $ 20,000.