ABSO Music For Those Who Look For Something New. That Is For All!

Hi! All lovers of listening to music in the mornings, during the day, in the evening and at night can give rest to their fingers chasing the buttons for choosing their favorite songs. It was done! Finally, there was a musical flow, combining all the famous styles and directions — it’s ABSSO! No, Abso is not an absurd techno-punk, as confused by the confusion of diverse music, commentators called a new round in the musical culture of mankind at the beginning of the century.

In fact, the real deciphering of the innovative reduction is Absolute Rock, no more and no less! It’s not for nothing that they say: «the new is a well-forgotten old.» And a new one is when a unique direction emerges from the forgotten old and from the daily imposed in the ears, allowing one to simultaneously enjoy melodiousness without sugacity, speed without fear will fall dead without reaching the finale, saturation without brain-echoing brain and sense without obsessions. So it turns out that the style that absorbed absolutely all the musical heritage of the planet Earth, began to be called so modestly — Abso.

Well, at first, of course, this genre was trying to call long, like DNA, chains of names of different styles that were already in use. But! .. Yes, can it be possible to pronounce all this enumeration without dying of thirst and lack of air halfway? That’s why now the name is short, like a shot (because hunting is hunting too, you can not cut an ax with a song of words), like a breath of fresh air, which this genre turned out to be for us, simple lovers of good music.

And the music is really beautiful, although some, tired of radiating from radio receivers and televisions, tape recorders and players zombie mixture, believe that it is too complicated. Say, people with under-trained brains get tired of the amount of universal energy and information that each song carries in itself. As if in this century of glut of advertising and other information that loads our heads (well, this is the main thing — advertising — at least a little dilute) day and night, people with untrained brains can stay!

In people you have to believe — it’s holy! And that’s why a new type of rock gathers fans from virtually all walks of life, it’s important that people know how to listen and hear, and not use a sound background like fifteen times chewed chewing gum. And in general, since Abso came to the world arena, bowed and played, already much has changed. Studies have already been conducted on the topic of how this «wild» mixture of genres is so popular with classical monistolists, and who likes it, as well as what happens to those who suddenly heard in their music the rhythms of the universe. And that’s what turned out.

The deep saturation of the songs with a harmonious combination of melodies performed almost by the philharmonic composition of instruments, and the semantic awareness of the reality around us in the texts affects people bipolarly (sorry for the expression, but what to do, scientists do not know simple words, they constantly have some terrible terms !), That is, let our brains (or what some of them replace) simultaneously relax and concentrate, comprehending the supreme magic of human existence.

Our consciousness, having rested and filled with cosmic wisdom, begins to think much faster and more clearly, in the shortest possible time perceiving the condition of the problem and issuing a full solution. And all this is cheerful and energetic, with a long-playing beautiful mood! Summarize (that’s who you’re leading with …)! Okay, I finish showing off.

I do not want to be a prophet, but after listening to the absolute musicians, I really want to live a full life! And even the ordinary gray of everyday life begins to slowly disappear, exposing the bright colors of a meaningful existence. So they will not go anywhere, they will have to continue to delight our ears and self-consciousness, because if every night in the sky the stars are lit, it means that someone needs it!