Book Three Meters Above the Sky Level

The book of Federico Moccia Three meters above the sky on which the film of the same name was shot Three meters above the level of the sky tells us about the amazing, touching and beautiful love between Achi and Babi, the love of which faces different difficulties that they have to overcome.

Their way of life is so different Achi is a real hooligan, an amateur driving a bike, and not really thinking about his future; Babi, on the contrary, takes life seriously, tries to succeed in school, dreams of a bright future, where there will be a good husband and kids, his house on The sea, where every day she can go out on the veranda and admire the beautiful sea.

They are so different and it is not clear what could attract them to each other, but now they are together. The book is fascinating because it tells us a love story in which there is no falsehood, the love that bound the two people and in a single moment lifted them three meters above the level of the sky. The hardest time for them will be after losing their close friend, will they be able to cope with their emotions, problems and stay together.

In order to download free novels Federico Moccia do not need a lot of time, after reading it you will not regret it. After all, this life story touched the hearts of millions of people around the world and did not leave them indifferent, made them rethink their views on many things in their own lives, helped to remember that among the gray days similar to each other there is something light.

According to critics, this story is awarded the highest awards. In 2012, a film was filmed, which was recognized worldwide and awarded the highest awards in the cinematography. The continuation of this romantic story should be a film that will be presented in Russia in the summer of 2012.