The film, After Whom Heat Is On The Soul …

I love the genre of comedies in any of its manifestations. Satirical comedies, youth comedies, black comedies, etc. However, more and more often this proud genre «comedy» is exposed to attacks of various kinds of consumer goods that are removed by amateurs who can neither write a script nor understand the actors’ play … It’s very sad. After watching this film there was only one opinion — an amazing film. Even after watching it is impossible to connect words to sentences, so the film is wonderful.

This is a great story about two true friends, like, so different. The film was shot in an energetic and modern manner, more familiar to action-shooters. In the case of this film, this manner only gave the necessary energy, which served naturally to the benefit and sharpness of the tape. Francois Cluse and Omar C created a duet on the screen, which you begin to believe from the first frames.

They so brightly and organically played their characters, that after the completion of the picture it becomes sad and immediately want to see the continuation of the picture. The film is based on real events, but not because it so clings. The very prototype of one of the protagonists insisted that the story was not a drama, but a comedy — he did not want pity for himself. And this idea was successful from the very beginning. And permeated with a subtle humor and magnificent actor’s game, it became brilliant! In the style, emotions, meaning the film reminds no less famous and popular among spectators and critics, the pictures «Knockin ‘on Heaven» and «The Smell of a Woman», revealing about the same problems as here. In conclusion, I want to mention the brilliant acting game of François Clueuse and Omar Si. I recommend that you definitely see the Untouchables / 1 + 1 / Intouchables. It’s worth it … My rating: 9 out of 10