The World In Sounds

Many peoples have fairy tales about magical musical instruments: pipes, harps, violins. The ancient Greeks laid down the myth of Orpheus, the epic about Sadko was told in Russia. Orpheus and Sadko — folk musicians — sang and played beautifully: Orpheus on the lyre (kifar), Sadko on the harp. Their art was so inspired that it captivated and fascinated not only people but also animals, nature. The names of Orpheus and Sadko became common names — so often called talented musicians.

The Norwegian poet and playwright Henrik Ibsen in a poem dedicated to the composer Edward Grieg, his great compatriot, compared his art with the art of Orpheus. Surely, in music, myths, fairy tales, epics, there is a big part of exaggeration, fiction. And, nevertheless, music can make a person happy, deliver supreme joy, and can cause a feeling of suffering, grief, sadness. Probably, the source, the starting point of poetry and music — is the inner state of a person, his soulful spirit. Express yourself in verse or in music for a person becomes an inner necessity. Simple words seem to form themselves in sublime poetic lines, and sounds merge into wonderful melodies … Of course, not every person is given such a gift.

However, many have another gift, and no less important, the ability to perceive the beautiful. I wanted to sing, play musical instruments, compose music. Neither poetry nor paint — nothing but sounds can express the experiences of a person. It was in this state that a person created music! A person saw nature around him, and beautiful musical landscapes were born, in which mountains, rivers, seas, forests, endless spaces reawakened. This is Tchaikovsky’s First Symphony «Winter Dreams», M. Glinka’s overture «Night in Madrid», K. Debussy’s musical painting «The Sea» and many other works. Bach, S. Taneyev, A.A. Scriabin, D. Shostakovich and other composers. The man studied the history of human society and, shocked by various events, created musical historical paintings: A. Borodin in the opera «Prince Igor» recreated the events of 1185, Rimsky-Korsakov in the opera The Legend of the Invisible City of Kitezh — events of the 13th century, M. Mussorgsky in the opera Boris Godunov — events of 1598-1605, Glinka in the opera «Ivan Susanin» — the events of 1613, S. Prokofiev in the opera «A Tale of a Real Man» — events of the Great Patriotic War, etc.

The man admired tales, legends, myths and created musical tales, legends, Myths: P. Tchaikovsky wrote fabulous ballets Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker, N. Rimsky-Korsakov — fairy-tale operas The Tale of Tsar Saltan, Snow Maiden, Koschey the Immortal, The Golden Cockerel , R. Wagner composed the operatic legends «Flying Dutchman», «Tannhäuser», «Lohengrin», «Ring Nibelunga «, etc. The man, together with literary heroes, suffered, fell in love, experienced and based on literary works created his musical dramas: D. Verdi wrote the opera» Rigoletto «, D. Bizet — the opera» Carmen «, P. Tchaikovsky -» Eugene Onegin «and» The Queen of Spades «. Finally, a person in his personal life experienced joys and sorrows, ups and downs, victories and defeats and this also conveyed in sounds. Thus the music of F. Schubert, F. Chopin, F. Liszt and many other composers was born. Music is also a reflection on the world, about life. Music is a philosophy in the sounds. Our music portal for composers and musicians provides you with the opportunity to add music, has a service — trimming music online, monitors the latest music and collects fresh music news for you. Listen, enjoy and do not forget to share with friends.