What Does Music Mean to Us?

Music is an integral part of our life. It fills our soul with different emotions, evokes memories of wonderful life moments. For each of us, music, it’s something individual, depends on the preferences, character, behavior of a person.

Everyone finds something in his music. These perceptions of sounds give us confidence in the future day, or create lyrical images of situations in our consciousness, harmony. Regardless of the style’s preference, the person perceives more that is closer to the heart.

For example, scientists have investigated that those people who listen to alternative rock have a high level of intelligence, in second place are those who give more attention to the club genre (techno, Minimal, dubstep, progressive house). Music allows you to disguise unpleasant sounds and sensations. In the dentist’s office, the sounds of the drill, which cause resonance in our jaws, create an incredible chaos. In this case, quiet Baroque music can hide or even neutralize the sounds of the drill. (Popular music that is usually heard in a dentist’s chair can not always soothe you at the moment when boron begins to sink into your tooth.) Many of us do not consider rap for music, but in my opinion, beatmakers who compose music for performers — have a creative, creative character, because they convey the technical balance of beats and melodies, and do not have any limitations in the instruments when writing their musical works. Some listen to deep and dark dubstep.

Such preferences are not always appreciated by anyone. But nobody suspects that behind this underground style — dubstep, the person who listens to him, has an extreme sense of rhythm and versatile character, such a person is very practical in life. So music, it’s not just sounds, it’s something more and more special.